Checkbox how to handle in update form


Oh that is nice didn’t know that.


I did not understand how to deal with Wappler, but I moved the </ div> to the end of the checkboxes and included them all
Ok now I try if it works. Then I will let you know


after many attempts I discovered why the page did not work
Wappler haves problems with database record field with name start is a number (Example 12_dic_2018) while it works regularly with (example dic_2018_12)


Hi, I have boolean value in the database, i wanted to list that value with checkbox in repeated region, i tried your way, Like i have placed the checkbox group and then inside i have created checkbox. both inside a table cell. and then assigned 1 to static value, group i have choosen the database value from my list action. But it didn’t binded. is there any mistake i do ? please help me…, I feel if there is video showing your way that be great.


With Boolean field use directly a checkbox, no checkbox group.
Then select the checkbox, add dynamic attribute > checked > and for value select your binding.

Checkbox groups expect array, and should be used for multiple checkboxes inside.


It worked nicely… thanks Teodor.