Changes in Wappler Trial Version


As of Wappler 2.0 you get a fully functional 7-day trial, offering all of the options available in Wappler Pro. All you need to do is to download and install Wappler: - a credit card is no longer required to activate it!
You can create up to 5 projects during the trial period.

When the trial is over, you can purchase a subscription for one of our plans:

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So the Free “Community Edition” has been abolished with the release of v2 ?

:confused: :worried:


There is no more a free Wappler version. After the feedback we received, we decided to discontinue it.

Now you get a fully functional 7-days trial, without the need of a credit card.

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Yikes, ok thanks for the confirmation. :cry:


@Teodor, will the trail reset with each new release so former community users can continue to review new releases and features?


Well it won’t reset on every release, Garbriel.
We will provide a trial for every major version :slight_smile:


Since new releases come out every 7 days it would be unrealistic to ask for a free 7 days reset after every update.

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Ok thanks @Teodor.

Yes thats obvious @brad. I was just trying to understand the now absence of the free community version given its discontinuation. How those people whom have chosen to not yet buy in will be able to continue and evaluate Wappler’s development and progress moving forward.

It appears it will be not as easy now. @Teodor was there a public discussion here at the forum discussing abolishing the community edition, otherwise where did the feedback come from?

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We’ve been collecting feedback here in the community as well as personal messages and usage statistics for the past 1 year :slight_smile:

7 days of trial is pretty enough to evaluate the product and its options.

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I am merely having to ask to try and understand the change, since it was not explicitly described elsewhere @Teodor, hopefully you can understand this as well.

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7 days is well short and nowhere near enough time to properly evaluate. Why depart from the industry standard 30 day trial?


Hi @kiwifruit - and welcome to Wappler!

if you need more time for extensive trial, when the 7 days are over, you can simple get a monthly subscription that you can cancel when the product doesn’t satisfy you.

So this way you will just pay for just one month to do extensive trials.

It is not a life time commitment you are looking at… :slight_smile:


7 days seems to be the new normal for trial periods. Even Adobe has a 7 day trial for the complete creative cloud package.


I agree, if a subscription model offers a free trial, it is usually for a 7 day period.