Capacitor Projects not built properly

I’m glad it’s not a general problem, and thanks for trying and giving feedback, but that leads to the question what could be wrong on my side. Again, I cannot see a way for me when creating a mobile project to add node.js in any way except the intended node integration. But I don’t know how I should manage to make this happen.

In the end wappler is a really great tool that makes it pretty easy to start out, so creating a project atleast is not that hard.

I see you have not updated to the newest version 4.5.1, maybe that could be a difference?

So here I have a screenshot where you can see it’s a mobile project indeed, everything is like a normal mobile project, except the node.js project folder structure

There were no changes to 4.5.1 mobile development mentioned in the latest version so as far as I know it is fine…? @George can confirm?

I wait a week between updates.

Probably very clever to wait.

The only thing I could imagine is that the new node.js server integrations could cause some issues, but I am just another pleb trying to learn to code, so I don’t want to make assumptions here

I’m also a pleb :slight_smile:

I do know one or two things from a few active community members, because I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without all of you. There are many things already covered here, and I read a lot of them already. But today is the first time I have to engage myself because capacitor is new, so there’s not much for me to learn while lurking.

I just tried it again with bootstrap just to be sure to try every option, but it behaves the same. Would be interesting if anyone can replicate having installed version 4.5.1.

edit: Actually it cannot install capacitor in this case, but the node project folder structure is still here.

oh I see that there are some troubles indeed when creating new mobile projects, seems to be accidentally mixed with nodejs mode. Will solve it in the next update.

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I can confirm the issue as well.

Ok, thanks for looking into it.

How long would it take to get this fixed, not wanting to stress anyone, just so i can resume.

Or can I rollback to 4.5 somehow?

Our updates come on Thursday. This might have been a problem in Wappler 4.5 as well.

You may still be able to build apps @adrisalli, or at least implement Capacitor as intended…

it is quite simple to implement.

Should still be able to work (remain compatible) with your Project after the fix is released? Is this a correct assumption @George?

Found the problem - was indeed only in the latest Wappler 4.5.1 and also only for brand new mobile projects. They were a bit mixed with nodejs project settings due to the recent web project defaults changed to node and Wappler local server.

All existing mobile projects should have no issues.

Again it will be fixed in the next update.

Ok, thanks for always keeping up the pace to offer such a great tool. I am glad that I found it, and I guess it’s not only me.
Really appreciate it.

I still have an old project, will adapt this one to my needs.

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Fixed in Wappler 4.5.2

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