Can't figure out how to setup my db and query

Hi guys!

I have a database with 2 tables:


  • name
  • picture-url


  • title
  • date
  • first ponent
  • second ponent

I need to reference? Multireference? I’m pretty lost with databases and querys right now.

My final goal is to show a page with all the meetings I have and in each column add all the info for that event like who is the first ponent and the second and also avatar image:

Thank you!

Can one person be in more than one meeting? If yes, then you can follow the logic here: Using Multi References in the Database Manager

I followed the tutorial, however, now I face another dilema.

How needs to be the server action to retrieve all the meetings + the personal info of each person?

This retrieve that:

{"query":[{"meetingID":1,"date":"24-05-2023","title":"Super Meeting May","speakers":[{"meeting_id":1,"person_id":1},{"meeting_id":1,"person_id":2}]}]}

But I would also need to retrieve the name and picture of the speakers:


Thanks for your patience.

Double click here:

and add the columns you need.

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and maybe check this as well:

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Thank you!