Cant add container or row in modal header

Adding a container or row inside modal header doesn’t show in app structure
and so it mess-up the display of any row or columns inside that container in the app structure.

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Why would you need to add container/row in modal header? It is used to show the title and the close button.

to add elements inside it (columns, text input, buttons)and add the class sticky-top to the header.
i have done it in code view and its working great but the app structure is not recognizing them

I still don’t get your idea - why not using the modal body for these? Modal header idea is to show the title …

and how to make it stick at the top and display the modal body?
-header sticky
-body normal

Please explain step by step what exactly needs to be achieved?

i did achieve what i want. modal header with a container->row->two columns.

what i need now is for the app structure to properly display it.

You can add a slideshow there if you like, or a table, but this doesn’t make it right.

Modal header is supposed to display the title and the close button. Modal body is supposed to display the content…

I have a button and a text input in the header.(i need the grid system to properly display them)
on the modal body i have a container that have cards to display the result of the search from the text input in the header.
when the user scroll down i want the header to be “fixed” at the top.

its not hard to do :sweat_smile: