Can't activate license

Has anyone else paid for the pro plan, and been denied access to the program? I just bought a paid plan, and despite making payment the program is still asking me to buy a plan.

Are you sure that in Wappler you are logged in with the same account you purchased your license with?

Yes, I am sure. It says “active” under the accounts section. I paid, downloaded the program, and it says “trial expired, please buy it”. However, I already paid.

Could you completely remove Wappler and install it from scratch and them make sure yo login with the same account as here.


Same problem. Please have support staff reach out to resolve the issue, or you can cancel the subscription and provide a refund, because the program doesn’t work for me.

Once again, are you 100% sure that in Wappler you enter this as an username: brianrob@tuta****.com
As i don’t really see you have ever started a trial with this account. You must be logging in with some other account.

Yes, the trial took place on a different email account/one of my staff members was playing around with it.

Well then, if you see such a message, you are still logged in with that other account!

How is that possible? I’ve deleted the program. I went through all the steps to delete any folders/files, and reinstalled under this paid account.

From what i see, you are logged with an account: ldrob@proton****.com - so you have not really “reinstalled under this paid account” (not sure what do you mean by that).

If you follow George’s article, you will see login dialog, when you reinstall Wappler. There you should enter you new account details.

I will try again, but its been done previously

Same problem. Can you delete the other account on the backend? The one that is causing this problem please

I reset the trial date, so you should be able to log out of the old account, once you restart Wappler.

Still says “trial version expired”

If it helps, you can move the subscription over to the logged in account. I tried uninstalling, wiping the data, reinstalling it. Still says “trial expired, if you want to continue click buy”. I will sign off now, its getting late in my country. Hopefully, can find a solution by tomorrow. Thank you.

The trial has been reset, so you still have 2 days of trials left on your old account.
Once you restart Wappler you will be able to LOG OUT, then log in with the account you purchased subscription with…

Yeah I restarted, and I’m not seeing that. It still says “trial version expired”

You’re right sorry, my bad. I reset the trial to the beginning of November. Now it must be fine.

Yes, its working now. Thank you

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