Cannot delete code in split view

for some reason I am not able to edit text in code view. I’m trying to delete a form that was generated and it will not let me. Even when i add a cell to the table it will not let me delete the word “cell”

I recebtly added my first ever dynamic class toggle to that row. I that changing my ability to edit?

Can you select and delete it in the App Connect Panel?

This line doesn’t show up there for some reason so NO

Close the file and re-open it? Just grasping at straws here.

Also, there was an issue with code view not being editable that was fixed in the latest version. Are you on the latest version?

close and reopen did it. I did check and I’m also on he current version. Thanks

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Are you able to edit the code at all? Like typing new code?

Yea, it seems fine now. I struggled with it a bit today and never thought to close and reopen. It was pretty frustrating up until then. Maybe it never properly restarted after the latest version??