Cannot click on Scroll bars

I am having an issue with the interface. I can’t seem to be able to click and scroll on the scrollbars in properties and app structure. I can scroll with mouse. but i have to frustratingly click about 10 times to make the scroll bar work.

I think i narrowed it down. It seems if the cursor goes past 50% the hover over colour doesn’t trigger and it doesn’t work. Basically only 50% of the scroll bar works (the left half)

any ideas?

Hi Johnny,

What operating system are you on?
Have you resized the panels at all?
What about restarting Wappler?

I have experienced this also, I always just put it down to the fact that I have a multi monitor setup and wappler is normally on the centre screen, blamed windows not quite getting the monitor breaks correct, maybe I was wrong

Windows 10 laptop. Never had this issue with any app.

I restarted, updated ,maximized windows minimized. no matter what… Just half the scroll bar works as it should.

When NOT full screen, i mean when windowed. i get the windows resize cursor on the right half of the scroll bar.