Can variables be dynamic?

Yep, I’m using PHP.

I know I’m late to the party and sorry but really not got time to read all the posts, but is this what you are looking for?

<dmx-value id="var_a2_id" dmx-bind:value="'a2_id_' + carparts_id + '_' + $index"></dmx-value>

Hi Neil. It’s hard to see if your suggestion is what I’m after or not. The key summary for me is this:

Almost everywhere now I use NodeJS in projects. I have only one project left in PHP, but I plan to transfer it to NodeJS, if the customer resumes work on it.

As for the possibilities in NodeJS for this functionality, I have not yet delved into this issue, but I suspect that everything is the same as in PHP. It seems to me that the implementation of this functionality lies on the AppConnect side, so the server language is not so important. In other words, to achieve the correct interpretation of the code, you need to either expand the capabilities of AppConnect, or create custom solutions.

Could you not use something like this?

dmx-show="([loopQuestion] == FieldAnswer)

(use square bracket instead of dot notation)


Ben, gave the right answer.

For context:

Amazing! That’s the info I was looking for. I ended up rebuilding the page completely having resigned to not being able to do what I wanted but have now done it again as this is a much better solution.

Huge thanks @bpj.

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