Can a dmx-cookie-manager work as an include file

Hi, I have a duplicate of my working project as a test and development project - I created a cookie-manager in my test project.

I set up a few cookies and got it working on one of the pages in my test project. I wanted to move it over to my working project to see if I could carry over all the cookies (and cookie attributes) from my test project into my working project.

I converted the cookie-manager to an include file - placed it over in my working project directory. Made sure it was a .php type. Went to a page in my working project and added an include file. Pointed it toward my dmx-cookie-manager include file (that I just moved into my working project).

Everything was going great - I opened the cookie-manager and clicked on the define cookies button expecting to see my already defined cookies, but all I got was a “Please enter App ID first” message that just had an OK button. (see photo below)

So – two questions - can a dmx-cookie-manager file become an include file or is that not possible?

If yes, where do I get the App ID and how do I add it to the cookie-manager file?

I hope I explained that OK…

You need to add App Connect to your page before using whatever app connect component on the page: Adding App Connect

App connect was / is already added to the include file (see below) and it was / is already added to the page I want to have use the dmx-cookie-manager include file on.

So, you are saying you see no problems using a cookie manager as an include file?

And what about the APP ID, where do I find it and how do I insert it?

Thanks in advance for any help with this…

Your screenshot shows app connect is not added:

When added on the page, BODY changes to APP.
Also - i don’t understand what do you mean by “Adding cookie manager to an include file.”

On my system the green check seems to indicate App connect is already installed - example below.

I opened a page that has app connect and everything works as expected - when I choose app connect again the calculations on that page get broken (the message says app connect was removed) and the green check mark is removed as well.

If I choose app connect again - it is installed (and the message says that) and the green check comes back and all the calculations on the page work again.

What do you see that makes you think app connect is not added?

I meant to say - I converted a dmx-cookie-manager - into an include file - I just want to make sure that is possible to do and works in Wappler.

I already explained this - if app connect is added it won’t say BODY but APP in the app structure! See the screenshot in my previous post:

Also i am still not sure i understand WHAT exactly have you added in an include file an WHY?

Sorry Teodor, I’m very confused and did not get enough sleep last night. I did not make the connection about the body changing to app - but I see what you are saying now.

I tried to explain it in my first post here, I originally added a dmx-cookie-manager to a test project I have. I created a bunch of cookies and dynamic attributes and dynamic event assignments for each of them. (photo of one of the many below in first photo).

I wanted to re-use the work I did in the dmx-cookie-manager in a different project that had all the same variables and had many different pages (with the same variables). My hope was if I could convert the dmx-cookie-manager into an include file I could just re-use it in my other project and not go through all the dynamic attributes and dynamic event assignments for about 20 variables on each page.

I’m probably not explaining this very well or it is just a stupid idea…

In any case, when I try to add app connect to the dmx-cookie-manager (that I turned into an include file) I just keep getting the same message, over and over “app connect local removed successfully” (second photo) and the body never turns into a app.



After trying a massive amount of different things I have concluded you cannot (successfully) turn a cookie-manager in to an includes file that can be accessed / used…

Hi Norm,

You really should put the cookie manager on each main page you have. As it is related to the page name.
You shouldn’t put it in an include file

Thanks, that is what I’m going to do - just another newbie mistake – sorry I took up everyones time. Learning is a very gradual process for me…

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