Add an on eventClick something like:

eventClick: function(calEvent, jsEvent, view) {
 window.location = "eventInfo.php?evntuid=" + calEvent.evntUID;

‘evntUID’ being whatever field you are defining as an ID. Usually just id, but makes it easy to inject to the URL if too simple…

Or use a cookie and pop open a modal:

eventClick: function ( calEvent, jsEvent ) {
        $ . cookie2 = function ( key, value, options ) {
            if ( typeof value != 'undefined' ) { // setting cookie
                var defaults = {
                    expires: 1,
                    secure: 1,
                    path: '/'
        $( '.tooltipevent' ) . remove();
                $ . extend( defaults, options || {} );
                return $ . cookie( key, value, defaults );
            // getting cookie
            return $ . cookie( key, value, options );
        $ . cookie2( 'selectedeventuid', calEvent . evntUID, {
        } );

You can pretty much use any javascript based event in Fullcalendar…


Hello! I sign for this request.


hello Team Wappler @George @patrick Please.

We need a calendar This is very useful.


Nearly 40 votes! We use FullCalendar on just about every deployment of a back-office these days, almost standard to have a drag and drop calendar in such an environment, as well as Gantt charts and other scheduling functionality. Certainly well requested.


implementation is really easy for fullcalendar and I have already mentioned above with examples.

Because fullcalendar is a licensed application (I did not read the license description. I know it’s only licensed.), it may be legally problematic to add it to a wappler. For this reason, it may not have been added.

of course @George can give more detailed information …

It is MIT license so it can be added to Wappler for commercial purpose.

The scheduler can’t be added though.

It’s not that easy, I don’t know how to drag drag update and add dates to calendar

This may be easy for you?

can you make a video?

I think this is good for example. @alsdigital

 var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {

      events: [
        // events here

      editable: true,

      eventDrop: function(info) {
        alert(info.event.title + " was dropped on " + info.event.start.toISOString());

        if (!confirm("Are you sure about this change?")) {


@George is there any plans of this coming to Wappler.
Could really do with it for some jobs I am working on :slight_smile:

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I need this a lot

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yes we are working on Full Calendar component for App Connect indeed, with all the needed integrations. Hope to have to ready soon :slight_smile:


Thank you, Obrigado, Спасибо, ありがとうございました, Баярлалаа, Vielen Dank, Asante, شكرا لكم.



Dank U wel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you so very much!