Calendar multiple dynamic time slot


I have been working on a calendar system, but I have a limitation, and I am not sure how to pass it.
Wappler offers Business hours: Monday through Sunday. However, the days of the week and time are in the database for users. Sometimes, one user can have three to four time slots under one day of the week.

Is there any way someone can show me how to do it? If it is available on Wappler.

Monday 07/11/2022
Time slot1: 7pm - 8 pm
Time Slot2: 9 pm - 10 pm
Wednesday: 07/13/2022
Time Slot1: 5pm - 7pm
Tome Slot2: 8pm - 9 pm

Thank you.

We have implemented a similar business hours setup about two weeks ago - but using FullCalendar directly, and not Wappler.
Wappler’s implementation has all the basic options, and some advanced options, but not everything. So we had to go with the custom setup.

RunJS has been immensly helpful in manipulating data on server side as needed by FullCalendar.

There is a way to use Wappler Calendar with this type of business hour setup, but it requires custom JS.


thank you for this info.
I will have review all my Calendar code for extension. :worried: