Calendar Individual Event Colors

I did. It’s in the screen shot above.


you are using the wrong settings, please check the " Making the Event Calendar Dynamic" at Getting Started with App Connect Event Calendar

Hey George. Maybe you’re not understanding what I want to achieve. I don’t want every event from one data source to be the same color. I want each event to have the background color of it’s category which is sourced from the Server Connect field backgroundColor.

Here’s side by side what Wappler (left) and FullCalendar (right) look like…

I thought this, in the source dynamic attributes

Would be this in FullCalendar

I see what you mean. Currently we have indeed only those fields that are bind dynamically:


Will add the colors also on the next update so you can use custom ones per event. @patrick

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Great. Thanks!!

trying to do the same thing so glad it’s coming. Have you been able to add or edit events on the calendar. Not sure how to do that? Thanks

Rick, as I already answered your question in the other topic, please check the docs explaining how to use dynamic events:

thanks. I see how date click and select work . Trying to understand drag/move works. How do you save the new values of the data after you do a drag/move? do you need to feed the event data into a model with an add form having a server connect action for the add record to the database? Sorry I’m not understanding quickly, but I see there is a lot there so this will be very useful.

Thanks again,

This is already in the docs Rick…

yes i see how to add an event in the development code but what about the end user wanting to add an event while viewing the calendar. That is what I’m trying to do; set up the calendar page so that the end user can add/edit events directly. This is not clear from the docs. I can certainly see how a read only calendar can work.


Rick, have you checked BOTH the docs links i sent you?
They explain how to access the specific data per dynamic event (drag, click, move, select date etc…)
Use them to allow your users edit the events.

And you know how to access the specific data per event you can do pretty mu everything with it …

thanks I didn’t see that section. I got it to work with dates but when I try to use date picker with time picker, it gets confused. The date picker defaults to a text input box with the picker, but when I try to select a date through the picker, nothing gets put in the text input box. When I enter a format, it doesn’t work either. I’m trying to use format YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm Silly, but its the date/time formatting I’m stuck with.

I’m not sure I understand you.
What exactly are you trying to do? And how?
Are you using the event calendar or the datepicker?

I’m adding a new event to the calendar. What I have is a modal which appears when you select a date. The modal has a form to add a new event.
There is a timein and timeout text input which has a date picker with both. When I select a date, the value does not appear in the boxes so can’t save the new record. If the date boxes are just plain dates, no times, it works. the link is:

just select a blank date to see the modal. If you select one of the blue events, you’ll see a nicer modal with data about that event using the event click option and my database. The green events are from my external calendar, as another source which has categories in it but haven’t integrated that yet. Making progress, slow but steady. I do like where this is going. Just need some help with date formatting.

ok, got the date to show up correctly. The form is not saving to the database so there is another error somewhere. oh well, will keep trying. My MySQL data fields are formatted to datetime.

What input type are you using for the calendar dates? If you are using anything other than a standard text input you’ll probably need to format the date time so your database accepts it. I.e if you are using the datetime local or date inputs.

I used text on the app side which is not logical to me but that’s what worked and I found an old post that found that too. However, on the server side, I used date for the post_field type. That worked. All the other types gave me headaches and didn’t work on the app side. The date dialog boxes overlapped each other and erased each other’s data.

In some circumstances you may need to format these inputs (app side) using the date formatter.

Try leaving these set to their defaults (or set to datetime) and see if your insert is stored?