Caching strategies

Reading about caching strategies

Cache first, Network fallback
Network first, Cache fallback
Cache/network race
Network only
Cache only

Does Wappler enable the choice of these different strategies during the process of creating the Connection to the database?

If so, can different pages fetch data with different caching strategies?

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Caching strategies come in place when implementing a PWA.
So when we add more support for PWA, we will definitely get there.

We are considering to support Google Workbox for implementing Caching Strategies and PWA:


Thank you, George!

These are the things I’ve been reading about.

How can we import cache json file in sw.js. i am creating PWA app with cakephp and want to create cache through external file. is it possible to make external cache file and call or import it in service worker js.

Thanks in advance
Ishu Koundal

Ben just published a great video and boilerplate about how to use SPA and PWA in Wappler, you should check it out:

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