Bug within HtmlMimeMail.php

Wappler Version : 2.1.5
Operating System : Windows 7

Expected behavior

Emails should be sent and rendered correctly.

Actual behavior

Emails are sent with the incorrect encoding which primarily effects Outlook clients. This results in β€œ=” signs being placed within the email body.

How to reproduce

Send an email with a lot of text (according to Google, this affects every 75th character) and open the email in Outlook.

How to resolve

Change HtmlMimeMail.php:682 in dmxConnectLib/lib/mail from

$this->setCrlf($type == 'mail' ? "\n" : "\r\n");



so the if statement looks as follows:

		if (!defined('CRLF')) {

This resolved the issue for me (as shown in the screenshots above), however, I’m unsure if this affects other clients as I’ve yet to test it with various email clients.

While I could open a PR with the original repo, I was worried to see that it’s no longer supported and references security issues, instead recommending that users adopt PHPMailer.

Should this be a concern for Wappler users?

Many thanks.

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this was fixed in Wappler 2.2.0