Bug Report from lauterbach #2020-10-24_15-41-48

OS info

  • Operating System : Mac OSX 19.6.0
  • Wappler Version : 3.5.5

I can´t store database connections. Even if i enter the database credentials wappler looses this data and i have to re enter it.
In the server actions tab i cant access the database credentials any more. If i click on “Add database connection” a new database connection apperas - but i can only enter a name - no credentails. Exsiting actjon scripts work (and i can add new database inserts etc.), but new scripts don´t.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add new action script
  2. Click in Add database Connection
  3. empty Action step appers - i can enter a name - but no credentials.
  4. resulting error in action script: “Connection String is Required”

You can define your database connections under globals …

Hello Teodor,

i have done that. First step: Defined the connection under globals. “Test connection” shows “OK”. When I open this dialog again (after some time), it automatically switches from “SQL Server native” to “SQL Server” and the Credential fields (Server address and Database) are empty. Switching back to “SQL Server native” brings back the credentials….?

Second step: Enrich the action script:

Third step: Result:

The “older” action scripts (made under whappler 3.0 or so) still work – the new ones don´t

Greets, Andreas

Hi Teodor, Any Idea?

I don;t understand what you issue is - when you open your database connection options to edit them ,they just reset and show a different database type selected? Is that the problem?

After publishing the projekt this happens:


existing (older) action scripts work. After editing an action script (whatever i change) the script is broken

What database are you connecting to exactly? And have you set it up for your remote target?

i connect to ms sql server 2016 - if i set up a new action script, everything works. Existing scripts don´t. It just looks, as if my older project is not compatible to some update (project is 8 months old). A lot of things don´t work anymore. Another example: Form validation crashes as well:

So if you create a new global connection and use it in new server actions, then it works.
If you create a new global connection and select it in some of the existing ones it doesn’t?

Also - are you using different db connection details per different targets?

Try deleting the whole dmxConnectLibrary locally, save ANY of your server actions, the folder will be recreated. Upload the newly created folder to your server.

I finally found the solution: if i REMOVE the “database connection” action step from the script, everything works. If a add the step - it breaks.

This one doesn´t work (older script from march 2020, worked until last week):

After deleting Database connection it works:

Is this the “normal” behavior? In that case i would have to remove all action steps “Database connexction” from my action scripts manually…

Using the global database option you don’t need to use the database connection step in your server actions.
Please check the:

However old server actions using your previously defined database connections should work perfectly fine. Probably you changed something that broke them.