Bug Report from Johnny_Solberg #2019-8-14_4-9-43

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.18362
  • Wappler Version : 2.2.4

Problem description

I can not get the redirect after submit to work. Added goto Url, but nothing happens. Update goes trough ok, but a js error preventing the redirect. The js error says nothing to me. Any ideas. Try this link: https://tw60.transportsystemerjohnnysolberg-321a.websitebuilder.no/turer_vis.aspx?ordreid=758702&bilid=80 and click save. Nothing happens, and Im stuck

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to https://tw60.transportsystemerjohnnysolberg-321a.websitebuilder.no/turer_vis.aspx?ordreid=758702&bilid=80 click Save
  2. To repeat go to : https://tw60.transportsystemerjohnnysolberg-321a.websitebuilder.no/hovedside.aspx, click any record under “Bestillinger”
  3. Click “Velg bil” button on next page, and then “Save”

after click on save, there are some error in console which looks like it is regarding the browser goto.
what is the code for browser got that you have put in - can you share that?

That’s not a bug.
As it is explained in the docs, if you are using a static url, it must be wrapped in single quotes: 'mypage.html'
Same goes for alerts, the static part of the alert must also be wrapped in single quotes.

Tried to remove the dynamic part, and forgot to put the ' back in, sorry. I can make it work static, but as soon as I use the datapicker to enter a value, it doenst work anymore

Found the error: Forgot the + sign before the dynamic part of the link :slight_smile: