Bug - Data Bindings Page Can Insert a "0" instead of a Space

Wappler 2.9.1 - Experimenal mode on.

Very often, when separating two fields with a space in the new data picker, Wappler replaces the space character I typed with the character “0”.

Steps to repeat

  1. Create something like a data store with two text fields like first_name and last_name
  2. Add an autocomplete input to the page.
  3. Set Data Source to your data store
  4. Use the menus to select the Text field to be first_name last_name
  5. The “0” appears.


Not really looked at this too hard because it’s late.
Shouldn’t this be a concatenation?
Something like …
first_name + ' ' + last_name

Yes… wappler adds +0+ rather than +' '+