Bubble Exdous - Questions about Wappler Dynamic Database, learning curve, Hosting/Storage compare to Bubble

Hi all, with the recent bubble announcement I believe there will be more ex bubblers to turn into wapplers, Im currently looking at various options but it seems wrappler has a more active community and actually allow me to keep my own code, but I wish to ask some questions before commit to learn wappler.

Firstly, As Im planning to create a booking site I would require a dynamic database system with repeating groups database like the one bubble use. I need date and time pickers that bubble use and a dynamic booking functionality, I notice that wappler has these timing options but where could i store such Database objects as Wappler doesnt include a inbuild Database.

Secondly, I notice that Wappler is more like a low code tool instead of no code? so does wappler learning includes coding? As I have many experience using bubble Workflows, I have no coding experience.

Finally, Im currently using some external Hosting for my bubble app like aws s3 and bunnycdn, could i still use them with post,put api calls like the api connector in bubble? Also, wappler doesnt include hosting so do i need to put my wappler project into a VPS like the ones offered by digital ocean or other online service?

You can code stuff if you want. If you don’t, wappler is capable enough to handle things the no code way. It’s the flexibility you have along with self hosting your DB and app server.

We use digital ocean for Dev and prod both environments. Works like a charm with docker and with git based deployment we have via caprover. Find your fit. It’s not too hard to get around. Especially when the price you pay is fraction of what ‘data lock in’ platforms ask for.

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ahh, so i dont need to use backendless or xano as nocode database? Im still figuring out the database part as bubble made it too easy for people to create databases and i have no experience in actually using the coding ones.

Maybe take a look into this article about the Database Manager might set you off in the right direction.

You can also look at this docker tutorial Personally I use docker but its personal preference:

Just to add Wappler also has referral links For Digital Ocean and Hetzner Cloud this link will give you some starting credit when you make an account with them:
Digital Ocean:

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Would suggest to take a DB instance from digital ocean. And use tools like basedash for no code style db editing if you do not want to use dBeaver/etc. For db management directly.
Strongly suggest not to use other apps for DB - you’ll end up in similar situation sooner or later.

ahh thank you, but i would like to ask what about hosting files?does wappler support direct sending binary files like videos and and pictures? I need to use put api and send files to bunnycdn as it support video encoding, but it seems to only support binanry put option like the ones i tested on postman.

okay thx for the links, unfortunely hetzner only support europe and us while im based on asia, but i would take a look on digital ocean!

For files we like to use digital ocean spaces. It’s S3 storage. You can continue to use bunny cdn as well. Binary file upload and download is natively supported within Wappler.

You can try linode as well. We recently switched part of our stuff on linode. It is physically closer to us - hence better latency.

Im also using Digital Ocean Spaces you may want to have a look into Wappler S3 Functionality: