Bootstrap theme resets after every new page creation

Wappler version 4.7.0

Small bug:

After each new page creation, I need to click on “regenerate design theme”

I’m getting something similar. Every so often the theme resets on it’s own. I open on my localhost and it’s reset to the default Bootstrap colors ignoring my Custom settings. I just click the Gradients and Shadows buttons and the page saves and resets on it’s own.

What do you have set in your frameworks? When you create a new page, it will automatically change to this theme you have choosen

This is still happening in 4.8.1…


Found the issue. We were indeed copying the default Bootstrap 5 local themes on new pages creation and overwriting the theme files.

Will be fixed in the next update

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.8.3

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