Bootstrap Theme Manager Unable to Modify theme-colors in Advanced Options

Wappler Version : 3.6.1
Operating System : W10
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: NA
Hosting Type: NA

Expected behavior

Modifying theme-colors should create CSS with modified values.

Actual behavior


How to reproduce

Go to theme manager. Click advanced. Select theme colors options.

Default Value:

map-merge((primary:    $primary,secondary:  $secondary,success:    $success,info:       $info,warning:    $warning,danger:     $danger,light:      $light,dark:       $dark), $theme-colors)

Modified Value:

map-merge( ( mycolour: #eee, primary: $primary, secondary: $secondary, success: $success, info: $info, warning: $warning, danger: $danger, light: $light, dark: $dark ), () )


map-merge( ( "mycolour": #eee, "primary": $primary, "secondary": $secondary, "success": $success, "info": $info, "warning": $warning, "danger": $danger, "light": $light, "dark": $dark ), () )

On save, you should see an error as shown above.
The issue here is that if I don’t modify any of the 8 default color/variable values in the basic view, I cannot modify this theme-color property.
If I, say, change the first 3, I see an error on $info as shown in screenshot above. Otherwise the error says $primary.
But, if I modify all the 8 default values, and then add my 9th custom color - the error I then get is $theme-colors is undefined.
So next, I just replaced $theme-colors with () and it compiled as expected - the generated CSS has the new mycolor classes.

I used to check if what I am doing is correct or not. This builder does not require me to modify the 8 default colors to add a new one. So this is a bug in Wappler’s theme builder.

If you want to use another variable like $info in your own expressions, you will have to add it first and give it a value

I think you are reading this wrong. I don’t want to use any custom $info variable.
Its the default $info that is throwing the error.
Can you please read the issue again? If something’s unclear, I can try to explain it better.

Same apply - if you are using other variables in any expressions those have to be defined first.

But I am not using any other variables. All default variables are already defined.

Hi @George. Did you get a chance to look at the bug again?

Could this be related to this thread?

Thanks for the link @TomD. Looks like this is a very old issue.

Unfortunately, adding the color before theme-colors does not solve it for me. It still gives the same error as before.

@George Bumping this bug report.
Will this bug be fixed? Or is there any improvement on this in BS5?