Bootstrap form generator issue

If it is not changing the record, probably you are missing the post id setup either in the conditions tab or in the form.
However we’ve improved the update record generator for the next update.

That’s the point. The id will not show database update. I will be patient and wait

Have you added a dynamic event to the form properties “Load” on onSuccess(). I think that is where i went wrong as it seemed to start working after I added that (may have just been a coincidence?)

What Teodor means that we might make it more automatic and add the id in the conditions for you. But this is not a fix! You should make sure you when you have an update query that you always the ID field that you want your query to work on! It is easy to add by yourself!

I have two action steps for a single recordset update:
Getupdate: to get the info from the database to fill the form fields. That works, including the record ID
Postupdate: to update the record from the form. Here is where I get into trouble as it sets all recordfields to NULL instead of adding the changes.

Some value is not properly setup in your update action. I see an error returned by the action file, when trying to submit the form:

"strtolower() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given"

Bingo, working now. Deleted database update. Inserted database update without “condition” and now working fine. Next step to get and upload image. Just wait for it :rofl::sweat_smile:

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