Bootstrap 5 Table Generator

Trying to create a bootstrap table generated from a query in server connect query data. It populates the fields Just fine.

But when I click the okay in the table generator nothing happens and it goes back to normal.

I have been able to accomplish this endless times before. So not sure if I am just missing something.

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Same problem here. Had me reviewing Tutorials for my “missing step”.

I forgot how much time it takes to do this manually. :rofl: Wappler is great and has saved me a lot of time. Thanks. I look forward to the update.

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For me - Bootstrap 5 - Table Generator just simple won’t add anything.
I’ve created blank project, added Server Connect with data, adding BS 5 Table Generator, Set the Data Source, all good so far - but when after I click - OK - it simple won’t add anything to the page.

As explained in the topic above, this will be fixed in the next update.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1

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