Bootstrap 5 Conversion

Has anyone tried this yet? I am very wary to give it a go. I haven’t seen any issues in the forum. So just curious if anyone has tried it.

Not yet, was going to try and convert a site tomorrow to test it out. I’ll let you know if you don’t already beat me to it!

I’m having trouble even finding a conversion tool. I have a couple personal sites I might try just to see what happens. Later though. Scary … :wink:

Well just make sure you have a backup first :slight_smile:

Then just go page by page and simple add tge bootstrap 5 framework from the add frameworks menu.

When bootstrap 4 is detected on the page, you will be asked to confirm conversion.

And then wonders happen :slight_smile:


With the bugs and such that @ben is posting, I think I will wait. I don’t see a pressing need to convert.

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Hi @brad, you are right. There are just a couple of legitimate reasons to change to Bootstrap 5.

  1. Get rid of jQuery
  2. Make use of new features

The only reason NOT to use Bootstrap 5

  1. Support for IE

Having put it as simply as that, makes me even more excited to switch to Bootstrap 5. I’ll try to assist to get the framework to work in Wappler. :partying_face:


Thank you, Ben.

What are some of the top ‘new features’ in your opinion?

  1. CSS custom properties
  2. expanded colour palette
  3. updated form controls
  4. enhanced grid system - new xxl grid tier
  5. RTL support - not so much for me
  6. SVG icon library

edit: 7. inclusion of display: grid

There are other features that will not affect users of Wappler, such as

  1. ability to create custom utilities
  2. name-spaced data attributes

Here’s more info about converting BS4 pages to BS5:

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