Boolean values cannot be used on Set value action

Wappler Version : 4.9.1
Operating System : mac
Server Model: node
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

When using a Set Value action in an API/Library, the value should not include \n if the type is set to boolean.

Actual behavior

\n is added to boolean values.

How to reproduce

Add the set value action

Enter false, true, 1 or 0 in the value


Check the raw code.

Where did you type the value? In the design or code view of the data picker dialog?

I typed it directly on this screen…I was not in the pencil or bolt panels.

Aha - maybe you pressed enter after you typed it? As it is a texarea there…

Nope…I have made that mistake before, but was very careful to only type and then click away. Definitely no pressing of Enter.

Ok will investigate

Same issue as Set Value converts 0 to string with a new line

31 March… with some others … if you wish to reproduce… @George

The only way to circumvent this bug is to edit using the code-view and manually update and save.

This bug is still present on Wappler 5 beta 8. It seems “true” is not affected, but “false” is

Bites me most every day. Bump.


Fixed in Wappler 5.1

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