Blog Tutorial Needed!


Great! Thanks, Paul, for the Update!


The principles and workflow are still the same Paul. So your videos make perfect sense starters for custom web site builders


I agree George, but to be honest i think with my knowledge of Wappler now and with the newer Wappler tools now I could probably do that same site in half the time.
Also while creating this new site I have been writing down certain things and making notes to make it far quicker and easier when I do the training on it.
Wappler training better than ever, coming soon…


Well just as we are improving Wappler with all the great new stuff and you also learn better ways to do stuff, so you should also update you videos!

I know it is time consuming but I thing you should consider updating regularly, like every couple of months - depending on the amount that needs to be changed/added of course


Agreed, unfortunately when I did the first video, the project i used was never initially created with the intent to ever show a tutorial, so it was quite difficult.
This new project has been done from the ground up with the intention of showing it in a tutorial. Also the new videos will be done in such a way that I can recreate small parts of it where needed, pretty much exactly like you suggest.


There’s one more thing that I hope that is incorporated in 2019
The more advanced Mobile App technologies that don’t wrap code in the Corona SDK system.
So that the latest , higher performance apps can be created all inside Wappler.

Wappler is really already the most superior all-in-one Web Application Creator in the world.
Really amazing workflows, deep-deep attention to detail!
SUPERIOR Development Application for a wide range of User experience
& makes a fantastic Teaching Tool for Newbies.

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I would really love to know this. I’ve been using WordPress for many sites and I really wish to move/migrate them to Wappler… I am hopeful that Wappler would be much lighter and faster in terms of speed and load time.


Been meaning to do exactly that that for ages, just been too busy.

Just finished big project, have a lighter workload until June when next big one starts
Will see what I can get sorted re a tutorial

unassigned psweb #29
assigned Hyperbytes #30

By now WP has tons of WP-custom functions & classes built from existing PHP , Javascript libraries & CSS & I guess database queries from mysql, etc,

Can the core functionalities of WP be “cloned” into a Wappler Template or Extension?


WP was once a great platform, now it is becoming bloated and slow. Extensions like DIVI make it much easier to use but have a huge impact on performance. Basically a great blogging platform is in my opinion being extended into areas it was never designed for. I see WP sites often now coming in with a page rank of F in GTMetrix which is appalling and very SEO unfriendly.
Most of the core functionality of the core WP platform could be easily reproduced in Wappler but the Wappler platform is much more extensible with basic development skills and much more efficient


ClassicPress is one fork that was a response to the Gutenberg-into-WP-core move
Download is free and their implementations might be useful to look through


From my point of view, people need to understand there is no way I am going to reproduce WordPress in Wappler. I do this in my spare time to help users, whatever i do will be the basic functionality only to provide a basic building block, a starting place for you to extend from


I agree with you. This is the reason why I am trying out Wappler. Despite some WP cache plugins, it is still bloated and slowing down pageload. How I love to transfer all my WP sites to Wappler. But of course, I am still very new and still learning. If there is an easy way to migrate WP sites to Wappler, I would really appreciate. I believe there are also other WP users looking for ways to migrate. I tried GatsbyJS before Wappler. However, it seems it is not doing well yet for sites coming from WP. They are more focused on contentful for now. If we can have this in Wappler, Wappler might get more subscribers. Just my thought.


Started work on a blog tutorial, shouldn’t be long now


Thanks Hyperbytes, this is what I am really looking for, I think once I create one full project then that will make it easier to then start doing all the other bits and I’ll be happy to purchase Wapler :slight_smile: Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for us newbies :smiley:

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Delighted to help, sorry about delays in continuing, motherboard just died and still rebuilding system. Need multi screens to do it, laptop doesn’t cut it!


What you are saying is correct & was the point of my initial comment in this thread.
I have been through the blog & real estate & directory self-contained application phases since 1991.

Along the way I did discover that WordPress actually worked quite well, too, with all the different creativity of extension designers who made it possible to move beyond just a blog tool.

I’ve also used expensive php, mysql, js tools where I built the databases for different online field reports for Field Sales & Training companies first & then let the tools help me build the logic, views, filters, forms.

So, my exploration of Wappler is because Wappler itself has been bragging about how almost any kind of site can be built with Wappler alone.

Ergo, here I am with a Pro license.

But BECAUSE I want to explore Wappler I must also learn the more or less “proprietary” functions and classes that DMXZone devised, custom designed that have been ported over or embedded, I should say, into Wappler. I had a DMXZone account for years, bought hundreds of dollars of extensions with Dreamweaver as the tool of installation.

The message of Wappler has been that all the goodness of DMXZone extensions plus NEW properties, classes, connection scripts, Node tools, etc now all live inside this web component building application.

So, part of my learning process is to find – backwards trace – commonly used CUSTOM scripts or methods that existed in those OTHER applications for more sophisticated filtering, searching, displaying, updating, etc & see how I can duplicate all of that functionality solely inside Wappler.

I was hoping that ONE Complete Tutorial, Turnkey, would show me a rather sophisticated model where I can isolate the relevant code & compare its brevity, re-usability, EFFICIENCY as a learning tool in itself for how I’ve always moved from one platform to another.

I have NEVER used the drag & drop method & am using it sparingly in Wappler.

I am learning that Wappler has REALLY THOUGHT THINGS Through and it is getting more “entertaining” as I delve into it.

Thanks to ALL!