Binding data values from one html page to another


Good morning all, hit a bit of a brick wall. Previously i had a form, a file upload with preview and a profile card all on the same page populating image and form meta on the profile card worked fine within the page using dynamic attributes and data bindings. Since then i have separated the upload foto, the form and the profile card in to 3 different html pages you can see here

Trouble is that when a try and bind data from the form page or from the upload page to the card page there is no data to bind to like so

If anyone can point me in the right direction i would dearly appreciate. many thanks in advance.



You can’t do it this way :slight_smile:
For sharing data across pages please take a look at:


Thank you Teodor ***** will try it out this arvo, have a great weekend !


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I am sorry for asking what is obvious when explained.
Two databases: oneT_ UserI with the key ID. The second is T_CI (Critical Incident) which has a key CI & a foreign key fk_ID.
The login page works fine with the security settings (logiSec) and redirects on success to the CI page. The table has three fields one of which is the fk_id and there how do I pass the UserID from the login to the CI form and submit it? Is the fk_ID interfering?
If I solve that then all my next tables linked to forms with more questions each containing a modular containing the CI text (from the T_CI) and the same fk_ID field I am having difficulty with. I guess the CIText will be easier via cookies.
But for now how do I pass the ID from login to all my subsequent forms. ( I did the passing parameters exercise from one page to another with no problems - but I cannot utilise the knowledge.
Setting the fk_ID value as $_SESSION[‘logiSecID’] left me older but not wiser :frowning:
Sorry to natterr


Please check this:

It shows how to get the logged user ID and use it on your page(s)


I did that with no problem
But how do I get the detail ‘into’ the field on the form? That is driving me nuts!


Well, just as any dynamic attribute on your pages - select the input, click dynamic attributes - add new - input - value and assign your dynamic value there.


It cannot work if my logic is right:
LOGIN does not show the USERID it shows UserName & Password. I need to ‘pull’ the USERID and I just do not see from where. The USERID is ‘made’ on registering and stored on the T_USER. So I cannot see how to use the dynamic attributes. I am missing something obvious


Well use the database query that returns the user details to bind as a value, the same way as explained in the tutorial.


Ahh - was with that this morning.
The action page for CIFORM would have two queries one querying the T_ID and the other querying the T_CI one getting info and one posting it . Is that allowed?
While on DATABASE CONNECTION why did you remove the ability to recall recurring details? ( database name user name and password ) you made things harder…


I don’t understand what do you mean by both of your questions…

  1. On an action page can you have more than query?
    2, In the DATABASE CONNECTION in previous editions on clicking on the database name the previous name appeared — similarly username and password. It saved storing and looking from them. That ability has gone,
  1. What do you call action page?
    You just need the same query returning the user details as shown in the tutorial I sent you already!

  2. That was not really a great idea to store sensitive database details like that. It should not be stored in the software UI, and we have removed it after many users complained about it.



On the login form
On server actions called login I have a database connection set up.
I have two queries: one INSERT to login table.
The other query queries the USER ID to find the USERID. I do not know how to define the value to add to the variable and then pass it to the CI form and attach it to the USERID text field.
Then when I submit the CI the USERID is submitted to the CI table as well


Sorry I am totally lost now, really I cannot understand what exactly are you trying to do.
You have two pages and you redirect the user to the second one, after logging in, right?
Then you want to bind the logged user id on that page, is that right?


not two pages – two forms
And both use USER_ID
And USER ID is on the USER ID initially – formed on registering.
After registering the user logins with UN & PW and is redirected to CI form which ‘needs’ to insert it’s details along with the User_ID – how do I isolate User_ID and bind it to the CI User_ID text field?


What do you mean not two pages?

Where is that form then? How is the user “redirected” to it?


From Registering the User is redirected to LOGIN
From then on every login directs to the CI form


I don’t know what CI form is, but HOW do you redirect users to a FORM? Where is that form located? Isn’t it on another PAGE?


In another page just now
Each form is on a different page till they work