Between Operator Not Working In Update Query Builder UI

Wappler Version : 4.2.2
Operating System : Windows 10
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: MySQL

Expected behavior

Using BETWEEN operator in Update Query Builder should save.

Actual behavior

Clicking “OK” does not do anything. I tried running Wappler with logs, but nothing showed up in the logs.

How to reproduce

Create an update query and try to add a BETWEEN condition with bindings in parameters.
Putting static value works.
Have tried with both experimental on & off, does not work in both cases.
Don’t have latest version, so can’t test on that.

I was able to recreate this - i see two problems there, one - the data picker icon for the first input is missing and the second is when clicking the OK button, we will check that and fix it in the next update.

As a workaround you can achieve the same using 2 conditions there - greater than and less than.

Thanks. I actually did the same way. :sweat_smile:


This has been fixed already in the latest updates.