Best backend/server support for wappler?

Hi all,
I have been trying to use A2 hosting for the past few months but so far have been unable to get things to workout correctly. I’m sure some of it is my lack of knowledge, and I would love to correct that, but I cant seem to find any solid detailed documentation for this service. I was wondering if there is a better service that can offer both a low cost shared server/database option for initial use, and a VPS for possible future development if needed? I’m trying to setup an ecommerce site. I havent been through all the wappler videos as of yet, but if there is one that details the database and server connection that would be perfect.

My personal preference is Docker, with Digital Ocean, super simple and fast to setup and use.

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What server model are you using and how is your local project set up - custom hosting / docker? How do you connect to your hosting - using ftp or some other method?

I was trying to use SFTP as shown in one of the youtube videos here,, . I was able to connect to the server, which i spoke about in a previous post, but the database wouldnt connect. I was using a mySQL database that I created on cpanel.

Please give a screenshot of your database connection settings you entered, also if you get any error when trying to connect please tell us what it is.
Pretty often with cPanel you may need to whitelist the IP address you are connecting from if nothing else works.

thanks psweb, I will read through this thread and go from there.