ASP.NET Errors after updating to 4.1.2

Just updated to 4.1.2 on a Mac with a MS SQL db on IIS using ASP.NET as the server side language.
I have been working on this project all weekend without issues. In fact, it’s so much smoother that Node. Anyway, I updated this morning to 4.1.2 and as soon as I login I get 500 errors. Looks like something changed in the DB Connector file. This is happening on all pages that have a query on them with a sort.

Not sure if the error message is actually returning the correct message, it says Unexpected token t in expression {{$_GET.sort}}, but there is nothing wrong with that expression. So the real problem is probably something else and related to the database connector. You say this happens to all actions that have the query step in them? Will try to post an update here tomorrow for you to test. Do you still have the old dll files to replace them with a working version?

I can revert to a backup. It’s not every file that has a query, but it seams every query that has a sort with a variable. Login action is ok, and a basic query is ok, but all of my advance queries have that same error message.

Did the errors go away after setting the backup back?

Which files did you replace, there are 2 files that could cause the error, they are DMXzone.ServerConnect.dll and DMXzone.ServerConnect.DatabaseConnector.dll. The first one has the parser and the error indicates that it has some parse error on the expression, the second file is the database module and contains the query action that you call. I’m not able to reproduce the error until now, both these files where updated, but I don’t see anything strange in the code changes. So could you perhaps test if you just replace 1 of these files to see which of the 2 is causing the error, then I have a better idea where to search.

I replaced the entire folder on the server with a backup from 4.1.1. I’ll have a few min today to do a little bit of testing and let you know.

Hi @turn3636, did you figure out which dll file caused the 500 errors?

My projects are also built with MS SQL, IIS and ASP.NET on a Mac. I haven’t yet upgraded from v4.1.0 to the later versions after I saw this issue.

Haven’t yet, hope to play around with it on Monday. I’ll post my results.

Thanks @turn3636.

Update on this issue. I installed 4.1.3 and I don’t know if it’s something that was fixed or if it was something that I was doing wrong, but I am not getting any errors after publishing the site after the update.