App connect and bootstrap toggle off on edit

So ive been having an issue where every time i remove something from a page or make edits app connect and bootstrap toggles off, then i need to go and retoggle them in the frameworks menu. Really annoying having to deal with.

Today i found out the issue is related to the first line of code wappler adds to all my content pages

“Wappler include head-page=“layouts/Main” bootstrap5=“cdn””

When i remove that piece of code the issue is resolved and there seems to be no change to the pages?

They even still seem to include the layout page? Any idea why this is or what that line of code is even meant to do?

Furthermore im also unable to update wappler by clicking the install update button. It asks if its okay that it restarts wappler, i click yes and then it proceeds to do nothing. Ive tried restarting my PC and wapper, Clearing browser cache etc. But the issue remains. Any possible solutions or do i just need to reinstall wappler with the newest update?

Im running wappler on fedora linux.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should not remove this code from the content pages. It’s important for content pages.

Maybe you can explain with some examples what exactly do you mean by:

Every time i edit something on the content page wappler toggles off app connect and bootstrap as frameworks. So i need to open the frameworks menu and reenable everything.

Removing that piece of code resolves the issue. Should i remove the code and then readd after im done working on the content pages or what is the solution here? Or is it due to how the layout page and content pages are setup?

Can you show a short video explaining that? Also show the code generated on top of the page on the content page when this happens.
Most probably that happens because you messed with this code on top of the page. You should never remove it, it stores important information about the components used on the page and the includes that need to be added on the main/layout page.