App Connect 2 DatePicker Question

In original App Connect the date picker didn’t have an apply button. It added the value to the field on click.

I updated a site to App Connect 2 (Beta Channel) and now there is a ‘Apply’ button.

How can I get the original functionality back. I have forms with several date pickers on them and this is an unnecessary click each time.

We updated the date range picker script to the latest version for the App Connect 2 update (version 3.1.0), so it seems the behavior changed.
Before (in version 3.0.1) the autoApply option (disable apply button) was only available for the date range pickers and simple date pickers didn’t have it. Maybe we need to add it to the date pickers as well.
@patrick will check this.

That would be great. I can’t update my main project with that date picker.

Even better if the apply button was disabled (Not used) by default so I wouldn’t have to change a hundred date pickers. :slight_smile:

I’ve added the autoApply option for the single date picker as well, you can test with this file: (3.0 KB)
Just replace the existing one in the /dmxAppConnect/dmxDatePicker folder and upload it to your server. Now the autoApply option for single pickers will be on by default, but if you need, you can turn it off by adding autoapply="false" to the date picker tag on the page. So now it should be the previous behavior by default.


Works perfectly! Thank you! That was fast!

This has been fixed in the latest beta updates.