API Query Parameters Forcing Input to Lowercase



Wappler Version : 1.9.2
Operating System : Windows 10 and OS X 10.14.3

Expected behavior

Please don’t force lowercase the input of this field as some API query parameters are CaSe sensitive.

Actual behavior

Because the input of this field is forced to lowercase, any API whose query parameters are CaSe sensitive are not supported. Have a look:

This works:

This does NOT work:


Thanks guys!



This is currently by design because of the many mistakes people make by typing query parameters in mixed case. So we force them to be all lowercase and also valid.

We have a lot of problems with this in the past with server connect and parameters passing.

Also currently the query parameters are store as html attributes which are also required to be lowercase.

Usually most of the API’s also use lowercase parameters to avoid confusion and user mistakes. But seems you have found one API that is not that smart… :slight_smile:

Will investigate if we can make exceptions for special API’s that require it.

assigned George #3


Thank you, @George