Apache Cordova Builder - System Checking Procedure

When it comes to Mobile App development, Wappler has all the built in tools to get you started quickly, so lets start with a System Check!

To ensure the smoothest operation when publishing your great Mobile App, we need to query all the supported platforms by running the fully automated system check which will ensure you start off with all the components and SDK’s you will need.

Step 1: Open the console panel and click the highlighted system check button:

Step 2: A system check will be performed. If there are any issues you will be notified, and similarly if there are no missing components you will be presented a success message:

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Since I have done some updates I have lost the ability to build an app. The buttons along the bottom bar are greyed out from the X to Open Android Studio. Also if I run a system check I now only have Node.JS and Cordova showing as installed ok. From what I can gather Java, Android studio and Android SDK are missing. I will try to upload a screenshot. I have been going round in circles trying to find a solution. The version of Android studio I have updated to version 3.62, & Cordova 9.0.
Any suggestions.

Cheers M

Hey Mark,

Perhaps obvious but have you clicked the Refresh List?


Hi Ken,

Thanks I had tried that. I have found the problem and it is with cordova v9. I uninstalled it and then installed version 8. Now it is Ok. Something I think you may need to check out with Wappler compatibility.

Cheers Mark

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Will investigate what is wrong with 9

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