Animation and Design

Is it possible to use Adobe Animate CC to create an animation within Wappler, like a moving background, or a custom animated Hero Slider with a 3D effect? Or a video background on the Home Page? Obviously, this was easy to integrate in a Dreamweaver/Muse site being that those are Adobe Products, but is it possible within Wappler?

Also is it possible to use graphics made in Photoshop or Illustrator to use as the design for my site within Wappler. Visual and Creative Design is important to us just as the functionality is important the hood works as it should.

We want to be able to push the limits with how a site functions in relation to how it looks. Particularly for the things we do in Entertainment and the Arts.

If any, what are the limitations?

Hello @tommyvallis
If Animate CC provides you with a code to integrate in HTML i see no issue using it.
As for Photoshop graphics - you can use in Wappler any standard image format (png,jpg, gif etc.) which is supported in standard HTML code.

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Can I do in Wappler what I was able to do in Dreamweaver?

Yes, and much more than you can even imagine. I am with it from the start and still finding new features

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What exactly are you asking about?

I think the biggest challenge for me as I see it is being repeated as a question or inquiry on here is the learning curve. Most of us, even those with experience are looking for some very in-depth learning tools that begin in the most elementary way, all the way to very advanced tutorials. I believe that once we can get started and be able to go find how to do what we want then there will be less questions about how to to “__" and what to do when I do "”, or what happens when thei “____” happens. And on a side note Wappler you will make a lot of money by providing instructions and tutorials for the most uneducated, no idea having, just woke up and want to try so do something other than eating and sleeping and living off mother, individual.

The current documentation is a great place to start.

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Animations, video backgrounds, shopping Widgets, all things visual like page transitions, anchors on pages, etc

Thank you. I will dig all the way in this evening.

Adding to what others have said, you need to publish the animation as JavaScript/HTML as they, along with CSS are the languages that are able to be interpreted by the browser. Do not publish as an OAM package because that will only make it harder to include into the Wappler document.

Thankyou, that’s very informative being that in Muse and Dreamweaver asks for OAM file. Thanks again