500 error when trying to use Stripe

Thank you, Ben, for suggesting I start a new topic.

I’ve followed the training to use Stripe with a datastore and I must have missed something. Now I seem to be getting a 500 error…

Here is my database query.

Thank you

I forgot to mention, I am using the updated stripe.php

I believe I found my problem. I’m in the US and use usd for currency. Stripe sees my prices as pennies instead of dollars, so instead of seeing $32.00, it was seeing 0.32, which is below the .50 minimum.

Do I have to convert all of my prices by 100? I saw this mentioned in the custom checkout and was able to multiply the total cost by 100 in the SC. I’m not sure how to do it with datastore prices.

This is what I have for the datastore

dsCart.data.sum('product_price * quantity * 100')

Thank you, Ben.
Also, your work here with Wappler training has been invaluable to me!

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