1.7.2 update reverted me to free account


Since updating it now says I only have the free account and I need to purchase.



Hey Brad,
Have you tried logging out and in again?


Yes, I just tried that. It didn’t help.


Is someone looking into this? I kinda have work to do. :wink:


Yes but we see nothing wrong.
Usually logging out and the logging in solves such kind of issues.


Can my account be reset or anything?


There’s nothing wrong with your account.


Well there is obviously an issue somewhere.


Please try reinstalling Wappler from scratch.


No difference.


That is strange. We are checking this now.


Same thing has happened to mine, also reinstalled twice just incase.

Tried a Logout & Quit.
Restart with Logging
Reboot Mac
Just so you are aware of things i have attempted.


I’m using Windows 10 and everything is fine here.


So maybe it’s an issue with only the Mac release?


aaah sorry about that - there was a packaging problem with the Mac version indeed.

Will fix it in 5 mins


All solved now - please download the Mac version fully and install again:

get it from:

Note the version is exactly the same 1.7.2 - so just download and install

Note: You might need to logout and login again within Wappler to activate your license again.


I wish I could say that my free version became Pro, but the bug seemed to only be happening in one direction.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face:


fixed, needed to log out and back in again.


Confirmed, working perfectly again.


The same here. Logged out. Re-downloaded. Installed. Free.
Did it all again, now back to Basic.

So it’s OK now.