Wappler General   Bugs

Dynamic markers overwrite additional marker (11)
Error in table order in insert dados (9)
Wrong framework7 popup code (6)
Problem with slideshow settings (1)
Pagination and reload page (8)
Anchor Image in the body off a Card (15)
Google maps mixed content (1)
Delete POST entry can delete the entire POST section in globals (3)
Some Parsing Errors Showing Up ( 2 ) (24)
Importing DB Fields Linked Page/Globals bug (3)
Gradle install (1)
Problem creating new Server Action files (10)
Problem changing variable names in Server Connect (9)
Populate dynamic multi-select data (8)
FATAL ERROR: "preview your query results by selecting the server action and then clicking the Open in Browser button" (7)
Login Form Problems ( 2 3 ) (43)
Server actions panel is acting strange (2)
Removing sortable headers of a bootstrap table (6)
Mobil app not running (1)
Problem with UTF-8 and German Umlauts on IIS (13)
Update form stops on uploading file (12)
Glitch in the flow when swiping Coverflow Swiper (2)
Expression Error (2)
Enter Animation Delay Not Working (4)
Problem adding actions to Dynamic Events (3)
Mac OS app: menu icon doesn't follow the styling of the menu bar (2)
Error sending form data to email (7)
App Structure panel not updating after search/replace (6)
SSI issue (13)
Minor bug editing text in Design View (10)