Wappler General   Bugs

Invalid address for Bootstrap themes on Wappler 1.9.3 "/bootstrap/.. instead of "bootstrap/ (10)
Can’t use casesensitive GET or POST variable names (2)
Clicking on the code does nothing (3)
Routing removes <meta name="ac:route" content="/"> onsave (3)
Server actions, $_GET parameters still being duplicated in 1.9.3 etc (3)
Slideshow --> Add Images Folder not working properly (1)
File Management View - Intermittent Select Row Offset (1)
Date range picker placeholder text (1)
Manually Typing PHP Code Is Altered Incorrectly (2)
Server Data Formatter - division operator wrongly seen as RegExp (3)
Cannot build query when enter limit first (1)
API Action Error on Mobile Development (5)
Scrolling by mouse on list view of component selector doesn't work (6)
API Connector PUT request (1)
Format currency not working (5)
Action Picker - Session Storage Manager (1)
415 Unsupport media type error (20)
Operation add value to a number fails (5)
The same FTP account, two domains. One connection OK second not (6)
Clear highlighted step/properties when switching to a different server action (1)
Wappler error on form Dynamic Action (4)
Character coding issue on design view when the files are SSI (4)
Missing data when inserting numeric data in a repeat (2)
Dom Panel Issue (1)
System check fails on OS X 10.11 – NodeJS is installed but not found (3)
Lazy Loader src and data-src attributes getting out of sync (9)
Saving changes to the wrong file (3)
Problems when selecting an insert action (3)
Sort In Expression Not Working (2)
Can anyone check this out on an iPad please (13)