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Input Form optional: Your input is very valuable (13)
Server side connection to mysql via ssh (8)
Display large icons in list view with small icons (4)
Draggable / Sortable Elements (5)
Drag and Drop design way to arrange elements on Pages (16)
A Snippets 'Library Chest' (5)
Support for google maps alternative (4)
Renaming Server Action Structure (12)
Add the option to use form rows/columns with the generator (5)
Notification within favicon? (5)
Remove type="text/css" (1)
Add "Suggested" to Server Connect (6)
App Connect Date Picker Inline (1)
MD Bootstrap, Material Design (1)
Set a larger Displayed size to see the full Ftp USER content (1)
Implement duplicate Server Action file (7)
Background Image Lazy Load (5)
Adding comments to server actions (8)
SUGGESTION: Wappler Marketplace (1)
Secure File Download from a path outside of website root (19)
Parallax FX (visual design) (7)
Improvement to Search and Replace in code view (6)
Added to manual CSS hard coding + a "Select only" Menu system (2)
Some suggestions to improve the visual designing side of Wappler (3)
Add Download Link in Wappler Community (1)
Integrate Electron to allow creation of desktop apps (4)
Simple Template Request (1)
Using OpenStreetMap as source to display Map & Marker(s) (2)
Sortable Component in Wappler (11)
New file extension (1)