Feature Request

Integrate Electron to allow creation of desktop apps (9)
Client-side image resizing before upload - Megapixels (Mb) rather than Image Resolution (pixels) (6)
Signature Capture Box (10)
Implement duplicate Server Action file (13)
Duplicate Server Connect Action Files (4)
Disable Action Steps (5)
Adding comments to server actions (17)
Wizard / Market for Common API‘s? (1)
Mark filename when changed and not saved yet (4)
Send Email to Multiple Recipients - TO CC BCC (9)
Option for inserting records: INSERT IGNORE INTO (5)
CSS Design tab for html tags and ids (4)
Duplicate should also duplicates source code formatting (1)
Integrating App Structure into DOM (1)
Placement of scripts in the code, and related questions (1)
Color preview in code view (2)
Draggable / Sortable Elements (7)
Support for CFML (12)
Source Formatting , Clean Unused Files , Open File on browser (14)
Sitemap and Spell Checker (6)
Meta-Tag generator (1)
Changing Flexbox indicators (1)
Remove Unused Class/ID Styles (17)
Alphabetical listing of Projects (11)
Card Group --> Flex-flow properties (4)
In app list of shortcuts (3)
PUSH Notification Service Integration with Wappler Cordova (Tutorial?) (7)
Upload Files to API via Server Connect (4)
Data picker on alert text fields (3)
Bring back the responsive device setting in the properties (1)